This is how the lifestyle of an IAS officer. these facilities are available with the salary of millions

IAS i.e. Indian Administrative Service is considered as one of the most prestigious posts and after clearing the exam of UPSC, this post is obtained based on the merit list. It is a matter of pride to be an IAS officer.

The person working in this post gets a lot of salaries, but with it, many other facilities are also available. Today we are going to tell you what perks, facilities, and other benefits an IAS officer gets.

The accommodation

The IS officer gets a duplex bungalow in the VVIP restricted area in the state capital. They get good facilities for living. They get this facility even if posting in the district/commissioner or headquarters.

Service quarter

Not only this, if the posting of an IAS officer takes place in the district or headquarters, they also get a service quarter even if they also have a residence in the state capital.


An IAS officer gets transport with at least 1 and a maximum of 3 government drivers for transportation to and from work. These vehicles are blue lighted. On appointment on the scale of Chief Secretary, one gets a red light carriage. The government also pays for fuel and maintenance of the vehicle allotted to the IAS officer.


IAS officers and their families are provided with tight security. 3 Home Guards and 2 Bodyguards are allotted to the IAS officer appointed at the State Headquarters. Not only this, but STF commandos can also be deployed for them under special circumstances or in danger of life. For the IAS officer posted on the post of District Magistrate / Commissioner, the entire police force comes under their control and they can hire any number of policemen according to their safety.


The IAS officer is not required to make any payment even for general domestic services. For example, the electricity bill of the house received by his government is provided completely free or at a very high subsidy. Those phones can also be used for free as they are allotted 3 BSNL SIM cards with free calls, talk time, SMS and internet services. Apart from this, they also get a BSNL broadband connection.


For official and unofficial visits, IAS officers enjoy concessional accommodation at circuit houses, government bungalows or rest houses in different states.

Domestic staff

The IAS officer also gets domestic staff to do their daily work in the state's official residence or service quarters.

Study leave

IAS officers also get 2 to 4 years of study leave for studies. In which he gets salary even when he is on leave. Under this, IAS officers can take a leave of 4 years to study in a foreign university. The government also bears its full cost.

other facilities

IAS officers get many other facilities like PF, health services, gratuity, lifetime pension, and many other retirement benefits.

Unofficial profit

Also, they are invited to all major events organized under their jurisdiction.